EP 18: Gameday Special

Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone! This is Randy Lane with a special edition of the Charity Champions podcast. We’re going to play two interviews from last week’s Baylor game. 

First, we’ll hear Sheree Corn’s interview with the voice of the bears, John Morris. She’s in charge of community outreach at Pack of Hope. She’ll explain how their organization is erasing hunger by giving food-insecure kids bags of nutritious snack over the weekend. A lot these kids would otherwise go several days without anything to eat. 

After that, we’ll hear John’s interview with David Littlewood, president of TFNB Your Bank For Life. He talks about the importance of community banking, new locations, and creating a better Waco by supporting nonprofits. Let’s listen!

About the Charity Champions Podcast

The Charity Champions Podcast is co-hosted by Dale Smith, Director of Community Outreach for TFNB Your Bank For Life, and Randy Lane, CTO and VP of Marketing for 360 Solutions. Together they invite Charity Champions and the people they help into the Triangle Tower podcast studio to hear the stories behind the champions.