Podcast EP 9: UnBound’s Mission to End Human Trafficking

About this episode

Randy and Dale sit down with UnBound’s National Director Susan Peters to talk about how her organization is working to stop human trafficking in Central Texas and the world. They discuss how to identify the signs of human trafficking. Susan also talks about how UnBound works with law enforcement to comfort victims. This is the first in a three-part series on human trafficking in Central Texas. Stay tuned for our next episode featuring McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara. We’ll wrap up the series by talking to a former victim of sex trafficking.

UnBound’s Story

When we learned of children being sold into sex trafficking in our own communities, we felt compelled to do our part to stop it. We asked: What if attorneys, IT specialists, teachers, moms, medical professionals—all spheres of society—worked together? Starting small, we realized that a lot of small adds up to something really big. By working together through prevention, professional training and survivor advocacy, we’ve started to see communities activated to fight human trafficking.

Headquartered in Waco, Texas, UnBound is made up of individual chapters around the United States and across the world working to see change in their own communities. Each chapter works in different areas based on the culture and needs of their city. To find out more about UnBound chapters, check out our locations.

About UnBound

UnBound works to educate and empower youth, spread awareness through citywide outreaches and provide human-trafficking presentations to groups and organizations within local communities. Find out more at unboundnow.org

About the Charity Champions Podcast

The Charity Champions Podcast is co-hosted by Dale Smith, Director of Community Outreach for TFNB Your Bank For Life, and Randy Lane, CTO and VP of Marketing for 360 Solutions. Together they invite Charity Champions and the people they help into the Triangle Tower podcast studio to hear the stories behind the champions.