Podcast EP 12: Fighting the School-To-Prison Pipeline with the Talitha Koum Institute

Randy interviews Susan Cowley, Executive Director of the Talitha Koum Institute. The Talitha Koum Institute is a mental health and therapeutic nursery for extreme-risk infants and toddlers. Susan tells us how toxic stress at an early age can affect a child’s brain.

About the nonprofit:

CrossTies Ecumenical Church founded Talitha Koum Institute (TKI). They wanted to help the children of the Kate Ross public housing neighborhood of South Waco.

Find them online at: talithakoum.com

About the Charity Champions Podcast

The Charity Champions Podcast is co-hosted by Dale Smith, Director of Community Outreach for TFNB Your Bank For Life, and Randy Lane, CTO and VP of Marketing for 360 Solutions. Together they invite Charity Champions and the people they help into the Triangle Tower podcast studio to hear the stories behind the champions.

About Charity Champions

Charity Champions are nonprofit organizations chosen by TFNB Your Bank For Life employees after being nominated by the community. Winners receive an awareness marketing campaign and leadership training at no charge to the nonprofit.

The awareness campaign begins with a radio interview by the voice of the Baylor Bears, John Morris, and an on-field presentation at McLane Stadium in front of thousands of Central Texans during a Baylor Football game. It continues with recognition at Baylor Basketball games and a feature on the Charity Champions Podcast.

After football season ends, 360 Solutions brings Charity Champions winners together for world-class leadership development training during the first and second quarters of every year. 

For more information on Charity Champions, visit charitychampions.org. To nominate a charity for our upcoming season, visit charitychampions.org/nominate. Nominations are closed for our 2018 season, but keep nominating. All new nominations will be considered for 2019.