March 2018 Leadership Development Session: Teamwork

teamwork training
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360 Solutions Facilitator Kent Hutchison lead a group of 80+ Charity Champions in a session on teamwork early last month. Kent talked about building relationships before expecting members to perform well as a team.

Kent had participants draw their own “coat of arms” to share in small groups. Each person drew what was most important in their lives. Sharing helped build relationships by opening up about more than superficial topics.

Participants also took a short quiz to find out more about their specific personality type. Each of the four main personalities corresponded to types of birds: eagles (direct, leaders), owls (technical, analytical), peacocks (social, motivating), and doves (peacemakers). Once in a group based on their personality, participants put together presentations about how they could work better with other groups.

Tanna’s Van: A Charity Champions Success Story

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Former Care Net client Tanna Thomas was gifted a minivan on the same day she came into the Charity Champions studios to record a podcast.

Before she received the van, Tanna and her three children got around Waco either on foot or using public transportation. This was especially difficult because Tanna’s youngest is still in a baby carrier.

Thank you, Care Net, for all the great work you’re doing in the Waco community.

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